The opening of this adventure is in the town of New Orchard during their new year celebration. This is the largest celebration in the region for the entire year and the folk in these parts takes at least one week off of work (except for vendors of course) to celebrate. Midnight on the third day of the celebration, as the people usher in the new year with their traditional dances, a group of people came seemingly from nowhere and over take the town in a matter of minutes. Taking most everyone with them and killing anyone that tries to get in their way. The party is set go at this point and will be taken on an adventure of a lifetime. Over the following chapters, the party will grow together as they find the ten keys in seemingly unlikely places to unlock the door to the final chapter.

Our party has meet with a horrible scene as their town and town’s people were slaughtered or taken while they where out partying the night away with their friends. They have chased the attackers to a near by dwarven mine only to discover that the mine has been eradicated of dwarves as well and after confronting a large thug they have a clue as to where to go next.

Adventure of the Deset Zámky